What can cause pimples on the penis head?

Any doctor will agree that, from a medical point of view, it is quite problematic and not entirely ethical to accurately diagnose scalp acne, based solely on its external characteristics. Of course there are exceptions, without you it doesn’t work here: itchy red spots on the head of the penis are probably due to the occurrence of the existing inflammation, which is directly related to the dermatological disease transmitted through sexual interaction. A red pimple on the scalp of the penis in men may indicate an infectious pathology. For example, about herpes or fungal infection, inflammation of psoriasis, contact dermatitis and even cancerous skin diseases.

About pimples

Therefore, a red spot on the head, as well as other blisters on the penis that need to be treated, is not the only correct criterion for an accurate “judgment”. There are many diseases in which acne on the penis occurs. And with precision “a trial” can only be carried out with the necessary diagnostic procedures.

Pimples on the head of the penis are an indicator of a rash, which manifests itself as erosion, pigmented spots, spots, blisters or as small white blisters on the genitals with or without itching. Again, it is understood that this is only a safe rash when determining the reliable reason for its development. And, most importantly, under no circumstances should one try to apply this or that treatment at home.

A red pimple on the scalp of the penis is only the first “tinnitus” in the body, which must be alert to the appearance of a developing disease and seek immediate medical attention.

Do I need to worry about pimples?

In any case, not everything is so dangerous and the help of a doctor cannot be worried?
Pimples on the head of the penis are not considered a pathology if they are concentrated on the edge of the head of the penis, have the appearance of numerous acute appearances with a pale pink hue and appear at the time of adolescence.

By nature, a pimple on the head of a penis during puberty is not so real. This is so manifested by the mother-of-pearl glands that the tip of the head of the penis is slightly indented. In this case, there is no reason for great anxiety, as a pimple on the head of the penis can usually come out of any of the young men.

Treatment of the pimples on the penis head

The treatment of the inflamed pearl gland can be done at home. But only if there is complete certainty that you have inflamed the exact indicated gland. And diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact are absolutely impossible.

Important: under no circumstances expel blisters, since the skin is thin and sensitive. And if it violates your integrity, there is a risk of allowing any infection to access the male body while receiving serious complications.

The pimples can be of a different color. The reasons for the appearance of white spots are also well known.

The situation is clearer when a red pimple appears on the head. However, in young men, pimples may be whitish in color and appear not so much on the head as on the entire penis. This is caused by the activation of the endocrine glands, which include sweat and sebaceous glands. And such whitish pimples on the penis are nothing more than sebaceous glands in the process of active activity. However, proliferations of whitish-colored pimples are present on the head of the penis, they may be warts, human papilloma virus initiated. They have many different types. Warts spread very easily. If you don’t pay attention to these pimples, they can turn into a malignant form, so they must be treated very quickly. And only a doctor can distinguish it.